Dirty Little Secret

Dan Marks Personal Trainer NYC

“Whenever I get the urge to exercise, I lie down until the feeling passes away.”

The quote above, and its variants, is regularly – incorrectly – attributed to Mark Twain. It strikes the funny bone because we resonate with the resistance to, the rebellion against, doing something that is a pain, but that we feel might benefit us. In the interest of serving the needs of the “sweat averse,” I’ll let you in on a dirty little secret: Not everyone who gets into shape is totally in love with exercise.

There’s no denying that you’ve met the type – you know, the glassy-eyed, hyper-enthusiast, chirping about being a morning person and following their exercise-induced bliss, etc. But I’m arguing that that is not a required attitude for getting results nor is it the fuel most people burn to get great results. How do they do it? They start with a reason that is greater, more important and meaningful to them, than their resistance. Blowing off steam, in order to create. Tumbling with the grand kids. Achieving a PR in the deadlift. What will your reason be?

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The City Athlete

Dan Marks Kettlebell TrainerSo you’ve gotta run to Fairway to pick up a few things for your dinner party. Oh, and it’s 5pm and you’re a bit rushed. And it’s Friday.

Frantically sidestepping zombie texters, you enter the store, scoop up your basket, maneuver around a little lady with a big cart camped just inside the entrance, scan for the least congested aisle, dodge around the people in that aisle, score the six items you need, remember and add four more, and do a one-sided sprint to the express checkout. You swing your basket up on the counter, empty it, pay, and leave with the milk bag weighing 20 pounds and eggs bag weighing four. No sweat, so far. Bobbing and weaving through the crowd, bags swinging, you dart out against the light, then jab lunge back to the sidewalk, barely avoiding the crush of an oncoming cab. Phew! Grateful, you recover, amble home, prepare, and a splendid time is had by all.

We’re all City Athletes. We’re here because we aspire, and quality of life in the concrete jungle demands the mindful development, and maintenance of, agility, body control, strength, and power. And you can’t get those from a weight machine, treadmill, or spin bike!


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Kettlebell Gold Medal at the NY Open!

See the video of my performance at the New York Open Kettlebell Sport Championship here.

Thanks to Daryl Stewart for the video and Cedric Stewart for the photos of the event.

On June 25, 2011, I obtained a PR of 58 reps in Long Cycle, competing in the Masters’ division, 64 kg weight class, lifting 2 x 16 kg kettlebells. I spent ten wild and wooly weeks and 40 workouts preparing for this, my first, competition.

Bring on number two!





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Gearing Up for Kettlebell Sport

I’m pleased to announce that I will be competing in the IKFF New York Open Kettlebell Sport Championships this Saturday, June 25, in Long Island City.

And, I’m exceptionally thrilled and honored that the JCC Manhattan is sponsoring my participation in this event.

What in the heck is kettlebell sport, you ask?

Check out, Dan’s KB Demo Video.

The sport of kettlebell lifting is vastly, weirdly, different from the Kettlebell Ignition system that I employ with clients and groups for fitness goals. The motion most resembles the Olympic-style clean and jerk but the goal of Kettlebell Sport is distinct. In Olympic weightlifting, the goal is to lift a barbell, loaded with as much weight as you can handle, overhead once. In Kettlebell Sport the goal is to lift two kettlebells overhead as many times as possible during a ten-minute time span. I will be lifting two 16kg kettlebells in this, my first, competition.

After ten weeks of preparation, 40 workouts spent learning and practicing the techniques, I’m feeling ready….or, as ready as a novice can be.

Come on out to yell and holler!

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Dan, The Man of Action

Dan Marks
Welcome to the inaugural blog of Dan Delivers Fitness! I’m Dan Marks.

My mission as a personal trainer is, in a nutshell, to bounce clients off the couch and off the sidelines, teach them how to exercise well, and ignite a process that delivers results that thrill and energize them, all in the comfort of their home.

I’ve spent a career shaping and accumulating my fitness knowledge, practice, and philosophy to be able to offer you a uniquely sensical, effective, and dare I say, enjoyable, personal training experience. I train ‘em all, young and old, ultra-fit and not-so-much, all shapes and sizes. I take a special interest in working with the ‘sweat averse’. Continue reading

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