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WELCOME! My purpose on this page is to help you get started on an exercise program that produces meaningful fitness results, quickly. As a trained educator, I am challenged to provide the right information in the right form when the “ready” student arrives and to “plant seeds” with those who are gathering info and energy for a future fitness effort. I’m glad you’re here!

If you have been thinking about getting in shape for a while and are pretty much past the “if” stage and merely need to decide on the “how”, I offer the following simple plan:

  • Exercise effectively and consistently
  • With a trusted expert trainer who you connect with
  • At your home
  • At a regularly scheduled, optimal time

Most programs fail because people miss workouts or their workouts are not effective. This simple strategy tips the scales in your favor by eliminating the primary barriers:

  • the commute to the gym
  • bad weather
  • low motivation
  • losing momentum,
  • ‘forgetting’ to work out
  • boredom
  • self- consciousness
  • sudden urges to clean the whole apartment

And is a convenient time saver and trouble reducer. You don’t waste time schlepping to the gym, your results are delivered quicker through improved workout quality and consistency, and the dynamic workouts I provide will motivate and thrill you. And research has shown that people who work with a trainer exercise more vigorously than they do on their own. You don’t waste energy getting fancied up, traveling to the gym, jockeying for equipment, or puzzling over what the heck to do and how to do it. And you’ll experience real support and encouragement from a seasoned professional who understands the body and what your specific body needs to both feel and be better.