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If, at this point, you feel ambivalent, intimidated, or a bit foggy about the whole exercise enterprise, it’s no problem. My task is to provide a way in to ‘Fitness World’ that you can claim as your own when ready.

The Mayo Clinic website article Barriers to Fitness: Overcoming Common Problems lists ten difficulties that people often confront when starting a program and offers advice on how to overcome them. They are:

  1. Lack of time
  2. Boredom
  3. Self-consciousness about one’s appearance while exercising
  4. Too tired
  5. Too lazy
  6. Feeling to un-athletic to participate
  7. Previous fitness failure
  8. Expense of home equipment or gym membership
  9. Fear of hurting oneself during exercise
  10. Lack of support from family and friends

The advice proffered to counter these challenges seems logical and practical and is helpful to practically no one. And unfortunately, these ideas reflect a near consensus among fitness and health experts on how to help the public change health behaviors.

So you say you hate exercise? Well, just change your mind! See, now you love exercise!

Bored? Find fitness buddies who are also bored and go be bored together.

Stash workout clothes everywhere you might exercise and, poof, your excuses disappear!

Exercise while waiting in line….

Yeah, right!

These tactics are not wholly useless, but they are uncreative, incognizant of the real challenges confronted, and as one frustrated friend said, “ridiculously superficial and just plain dumb”. The problem is, scratch the surface of any one of these barriers you quickly run into serious life stuff – tough choices, anxieties, conflicts, one’s body concept and bodily history, and more, that ‘cognitive psychology-lite’, willpower, and “Dear Flabby”-type advice, can’t hope to deal with.

So if conventional wisdom proves inadequate and your fitness stars have yet to align, what is there to do? What, in fact, can Dan Deliver?

What you need is just a glimmer, an idea, or itch that needs scratching that connects with your life in a meaningful way such that the resistance to taking on your fitness project is smaller than your desire for a different future.

How do you find that?

Thousands of hours successfully guiding clients has taught me that to make a good start people need:

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