Personal Training Approaches

What you want in a Training Approach is one that makes intuitive sense to you, is in line with your goals, and takes account of your current condition. An Individual Fitness Consultation (IFC) can help you determine this.

The Whole Shebang

The Everything and the Kitchen Sink workout

Personal Training Approaches|DAN MARKS 20141206The Whole Shebang is a holistic system of training that produces a broad portfolio of results to match the demands of your modern life. By experiencing a wide variety of exercises in unique combinations you’ll maintain your motivation, dodge plateaus, and snag a host of benefits including fat loss, muscle strength and tone, and retention of bone mass.

NYC Personal Training Approaches


Corrective Rx–ercise

When your frame needs a little re-alignment…

_DSN2514 Are you in good enough shape to get in shape? The vast majority of personal trainers and the fitness industry at large think so, but the answer, quite often, is no. One of the chief reasons that people don’t start or drop out of an existing exercise program is due to pain. Common pain of the back, foot, shoulder, neck, hip, knee and other areas, is usually caused by poor posture and is largely reversible with Corrective Rx-ercise.

NYC Personal Training Approaches

The MELT Method

A breakthrough concept for pain prevention and peak performance

NYC Personal Training ApproachesAs seen on the Regis and Kelly show, the MELT Method is hot! A MELT Method one-on-one session or class involves systematically gliding your body over special balls and rollers to rehydrate connective tissue, mobilize “stuck” areas, improve postural alignment, reduce/prevent pain, and rejuvenate your whole body. MELT also offers fitness sophisticates and athletes the opportunity to recover more completely from workouts and to train harder without creating dysfunction.

Kettlebell Ignition

Fast, Furious, Fun, Fitness…from Russia with Love!

NYC Personal Training ApproachesA kettlebell is an old school free weight, originated in Russia, that resembles a cannonball with a u-shaped handle on it. Kettlebell Ignition involves moving the weight through space – swinging, pulling, pushing, squatting, lunging, hoisting, twisting, balancing, – skillfully managing the direction and speed of the bell and of your body at the same time. It’s sweaty, sporty, challenging fun, for both individuals and groups, that ignites your metabolism, builds and tones muscle, and ‘moves the needle’ drastically on any component of fitness you can name.

Tension Intervention Massage

Feeling rubbed the wrong way? Call for a Tension Intervention!

NYC Personal Training ApproachesWhat are the uses of massage therapy? And when should you consider getting a massage? Essentially, all forms of massage, whether Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Rolfing, Myo-fascial Release, or myriad other techniques, are a tension intervention on behalf of your body. The attenuation, redistribution, and balancing of tension through massage gently nudges the body towards it’s preferred state of homeostasis thereby encouraging recovery and healing. The goal of massage then is to increase your energy, your ease in moving, the function of your body, and your peace of mind.

NYC Personal Training Approaches

Worksite Fitness & Health Promotion

Exciting and Efficient Fitness Solutions for Employers and Employees

NYC Personal Training ApproachesInformed by his six years managing health fitness centers for AT&T and Computer Associates and twenty total years in the fitness industry, Dan Marks of Dan Delivers Fitness has developed a boutique-style approach in helping businesses identify and fulfill needs related to improving the health and fitness of employees.

NYC Personal Training Approaches