Corrective Rx-ercise


When your frame needs a little re-alignment…

Corrective Rx-ercise is the application of specific strengthening, flexibility, and hydration methods that gets you out of pain and gets your body ready for regular exercise. Based on a precise assessment of how your body aligns and supports itself while standing still and while moving, Dan Delivers develops an idea of how to reinforce and re-shape your frame! Literally.

The individual C-Rx portfolio devised for you creates more optimal postural positioning that allows you to do fitness movements safely, efficiently, and with the energy that leads to maximum results.

If you’re thinking, “No problem, my posture is okay; I can work through it”, you may want to think again. Poor posture can be the obvious sort that mother nagged us about, or a much more subtle manifestation, that gets aggravated under use. Applying weight training or cardio or even yoga, to a body with postural imbalances is like stacking bricks on a shaky foundation; injury and wasted time is frequently the result.

C-Rx is appropriate for people who are just starting to exercise, is essential for those who have foot, knee and other commons pains, and is deluxe for athletes who require more access to their potential.

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