Kettlebell Ignition

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The secret behind the phenomenal results produced by Kettlebell Ignition is the smart manipulation of the momentum of the kettlebell.

Contending with and controlling the momentum of the weight and your body requires high intensity work from your muscles and cardiovascular system.

Studies show that higher intensity exercise burns more calories, produces higher levels of aerobic capacity, elicits greater gains in muscle strength and tone, and reduces health risks better than lower intensity exercise.

Additionally, Kettlebell Ignition gives you physical skills that transfer from the workout to real life.


You’ve got to:

Get the bell moving Keep it on course Change direction at will Stop it when you’re ready

Imagine this scenario:
You have to run to Fairway to pick up a few things for a dinner party you are having. Oh, and it’s 5pm and you’re a bit rushed. And it’s Friday. You scoop up your basket, maneuver around a slow moving lady with a cart, camped just inside the entrance, scan for the least congested aisle, dodge around the people in that aisle, score the three items you need, remember and add four more, and do a one-sided sprint to the checkout. You swing your basket up on the counter, empty it, pay, and leave with the milk bag weighing 20 pounds and eggs bag weighing four. Bobbing and weaving through the crowd, bags swinging, you try to cross against the light then leap back onto the curb realizing that that was a very bad idea. You recover, arrive at home, prepare, and the party turns out great.

Dan Marks Kettlebell Trainer

The agility, body control, strength, and power, to handle and use the momentum of the asymmetrically loaded basket and bags, securely, through a chaotic environment, without throwing your back out or being run over, is an example of the “functional transfer” of results to real life from a well-designed of personal training program.

And you can’t get that from a weight machine or a spin bike!

No more excuses!
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