Melt Method

MELT Method Fitness and Training in NYC

A breakthrough concept for pain prevention and peak performance

Envision an easy to do, gentle form of exercise, that irons out your tight, painful places and leaves you feeling great immediately and for hours afterward. Imagine looking forward to your workout because it feels like a delicious massage instead of a hard slog. This is the MELT Method. This easy to learn, self-treatment technique allows you to “learn your body better” and keep it mobile, resilient, and strong for a lifetime. MELT achieves this by treating your connective tissue, a body-wide system whose primary function is to support and protect every inch of you.

Doing the MELT Method rehydrates your connective tissue and nudges it towards an ideal state.

Question: So what’s the deal with my connective tissue and why should I care?

Answer: In a word, connective tissue dehydrates and this local dryness creates tensional imbalances which lead to dysfunction. When connective tissue becomes dehydrated it becomes stiff like a dry sponge, and loses its capability. This loss of function results in painful symptoms of ‘unknown origin’, such as lower back pain, a stiff neck, plantar fasciitis, or sub-par sports performance. Connective tissue dehydrates because we overstress it via too much time spent in crummy postures, a sedentary lifestyle, unresolved injuries, and shaking it all night at the club, to name just a few reasons. And it happens no matter how much water you drink.

MELT truly is the missing link for improved health, fitness and athletic performance. The results are immediate, and they increase with repeated practice.

Better results from every workout!
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