The Whole Shebang

Personal Training Approaches|DAN MARKS 20141206

The Everything and the Kitchen Sink workout

Did you know that with virtually every move you make that you are ‘weightlifting’ with great precision? For each stride down the Great White Way you’ve got to launch yourself forward, balance and glide on one leg for an instant, then put on the brakes with the other, then repeat until fame and fortune is reached!

Taking a cue from these facts, the Whole Shebang employs Primal Movement Patterns:

• squatting • bending • lunging • pushing
• pulling • twisting • gaiting • balancing

To build a lean, strong agile body and reduce health risks.

The exercises in the Whole Shebang improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle and bone strength at the same time. You’ll move your entire body as a unit, sometimes with added resistance like a dumbbell or medicine ball, to improve and ease the everyday schlepping – heavy purses, briefcases, children, and groceries – that you have to do.

Placing two (or three or four) of these moves back to back, and you get sweaty, sculpting magic for the hardcore enthusiast. For the beginner, senior, or the ‘sweat averse”, the exercises are performed gradually and methodically to impart body control, improved balance, a heightened sense of security and confidence. And fancy machines are not needed because the movements are natural, recognizable and complete. Our bodies were designed with the Whole Shebang in mind!