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Exciting and Efficient Fitness Solutions for Employers and Employees

Innovative companies are challenged to retain and creatively stimulate their ‘most valuable players’, to improve the esprit de corps of teams, to boost workforce productivity, and to attract the best and the brightest, all while reducing costs related to preventable health conditions. Worksite fitness and health promotion programs can be an effective means for meeting these objectives.

Our experience is that exercise program adherence is higher and fitness/health outcomes are most significant with an expert instructor led approach.

The array of Fitness Approaches possessed by Dan Delivers are:


  • effective
  • exciting
  • inexpensive
  • easily translatable from the health club to corporate environments



A Kettlebell Ignition class, for example, delivers a dynamic, entertaining strength and cardio workout for an audience that ranges in ability from novice to expert, in numbers from one-on-one to twelve, in a small space with very modest investments in equipment.

The MELT Method is a ‘no sweat workout’, a treatment, that can be performed in business clothes, that relaxes and rejuvenates while addressing the causes of back pain, shoulder and neck aches, wrist and hand tension, for from one to forty participants, in a medium space with very modest investments in equipment.

Dan Delivers Fitness also provides on-site chair massage, workshops, fitness equipment and facilities consulting, and executive one-on-one personal fitness training.

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