Sample a Session

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A training session is precisely constructed to speed you to your fitness goals.

Before you have your first workout we will have chatted informally regarding what you would like to achieve or, via an Initial Fitness Consultation, more thoroughly explored your goals and challenges, assessed your current physical condition, discussed Training Approaches and completed a ‘mini-workout’ for you to experience the work and how our styles mesh.

A sixty-minute session will generally follow this structure:

  • Check-in (1-3 minutes): Each morning, you wake up with a different body, so together we take inventory. Ready to go? Any new aches or pains? How’s the back-knee-neck-foot-whatever? How did you feel following your last workout? Had anything to eat or drink yet today? Did you sleep well last night?
  • Assessment (1-3 minutes): Based on what you report in the Check-in, we take a look at how your body lines up standing still and sometimes “test drive” your posture with some easy movement. These maneuvers reveal any imbalances that need to be addressed. If you feel amazing we may skip this step altogether.
  • Warm-up (3-7minutes): In this step we prepare your body for more vigorous exercise with easy movement designed to warm and lubricate the muscles, connective tissues, and joints.
  • Main Course: The three preceding ‘appetizers’ prepare you for this phase in which a variety of Training Approaches are applied according to your taste, need, and goals. Weight loss, improved muscular strength and tone, enhanced cardio-respiratory capacity, pain relief via improved posture, better golf game, greater balance and agility, are examples of common goals. Kettlebells, treadmill walking, balance drills, corrective exercise, free weights, bodyweight training, and calisthenics are a few examples of exercises for effectively pursuing commons goals.
  • Cool down (5-10 minutes): In this step we reduce the speed and intensity of exercise and then balance tension throughout the body to leave you feeling relaxed and ready for whatever the day brings. Slowing down, stretching, and MELTing will integrate and transition you out into the world.
Exercise your right to feel better!
A training session is precisely constructed to speed you to your fitness goals.
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