Gearing Up for Kettlebell Sport

Gearing Up for Kettlebell Sport

I’m pleased to announce that I will be competing in the IKFF New York Open Kettlebell Sport Championships this Saturday, June 25, in Long Island City.

And, I’m exceptionally thrilled and honored that the JCC Manhattan is sponsoring my participation in this event.

What in the heck is kettlebell sport, you ask?

Check out, Dan’s KB Demo Video.

The sport of kettlebell lifting is vastly, weirdly, different from the Kettlebell Ignition system that I employ with clients and groups for fitness goals. The motion most resembles the Olympic-style clean and jerk but the goal of Kettlebell Sport is distinct. In Olympic weightlifting, the goal is to lift a barbell, loaded with as much weight as you can handle, overhead once. In Kettlebell Sport the goal is to lift two kettlebells overhead as many times as possible during a ten-minute time span. I will be lifting two 16kg kettlebells in this, my first, competition.

After ten weeks of preparation, 40 workouts spent learning and practicing the techniques, I’m feeling ready….or, as ready as a novice can be.

Come on out to yell and holler!

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