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NYC Personal Training Client Testimonials

No matter how tired or burned out I feel when I walk into the gym, I’m always revived after a session with Dan. Because I teach the Alexander Technique and the MELT Method, it is important for me to have a personal trainer who has a comprehensive understanding of anatomy and who pays meticulous attention to form. I used to work out just to feel and look better; now, in my mid 50s, maintaining bone density, muscle mass and flexibility is important for my health.

Dan draws on a wealth of fitness experience to individually tailor each workout session. Before working with Dan, a whiplash injury made it hard for me to exercise without feeling pain in my arms and shoulders. Now, each week I have a specialized routine that doesn’t aggravate this injury. If an exercise is awkward or difficult, he will either modify it or find another that targets the same zone. Since I’ve been working with Dan, I’m not only stronger but I have less aches and pains, better balance and more energy. I would recommend him to anybody, any age!”

—Ruth Nardini, age 54, Alexander Technique and MELT Method Instructor

NYC Personal Training Client Testimonials

As the first person to be certified through my MVP Kettlebells training course, Dan excelled and was a pleasure to instruct. In his role as a trainer and teacher, one-on-one and with groups, I have observed that he is a highly motivated, credible, patient and compassionate individual who shares his knowledge, skill, and caring with each of his clients, ranging from teenagers through the elderly. I feel fortunate to know and work with a person of Dan’s integrity.”

—Lorna Kleidman, author and 2x World Kettlebell Sport champion