Group Exercise Testimonials

NYC Personal Training Client Testimonials

Dan Marks is a master instructor. Not only does he have vast expertise, Dan is able to communicate with visual and verbal cues so that each and every class member is able to follow and benefit. Besides these essential skills, Dan is one of the most congenial instructors I have ever had the pleasure to know. Before heading off to work, I consistently have been taking a weekly early Monday morning MELT class with Dan for the past two years.

Dan’s humor and friendly demeanor make Monday morning so much better; and, his MELT class helps me start the week feeling relaxed and refreshed. Very importantly, Dan closely observes how each class member is following his cues and assists each person so that he or she derives the maximum benefits. I hold Dan in high regard, so much so that I recommend his classes to friends, colleagues, and other gym members.”

—Robin Lois Landa

My background is such that exercise and sports were not considered activities that girls had to be concerned about, so that alone would be a clue to my age. As a result, when I came to the JCC gym I was rather apprehensive and totally clueless. I joined because I had run out of excuses – the gym was close to home and increasing arthritis pain made it clear that if I didn’t learn to move now I was going to be able to move less and less. Which brings me to Dan Marks and my experience in his MELT method classes. He is patient, methodical and demanding. And I’ve become measurably more flexible. I’ve also watched him train some of these ‘so-called’ macho types since having a good voice does not necessarily make you a good singer – you need to be trained and his knowledge of anatomy and physiology makes him excel there also.”

—Susan Tausig

I’ve been taking MELT classes with Dan for the past year and just started personal training sessions with him. The group classes are completely pleasurable experiences even when we’re working on those so-called “productive” places (ouch). Dan creates a lovely community. He has a clear sense of each person in the room and tailors suggestions to make the treatment more effective. His metaphors for how we should move our bodies are apt, witty, and easy to translate from mind to body—and I don’t have great body memory. It’s true that you get results with MELT techniques immediately, but with Dan, they last, partly because his voice and instructions stay with you.

At 60, all my old running injuries (IT band, S/I joint, knees) have come back to haunt me, my poor posture has taken its toll, and my workout mania of spinning and lifting have left me uneven (in more ways than one!), with shortened muscles in some places and underused ones in others. I’ve now had two private sessions with Dan and plan to continue. He is educating me about my own body, which I thought was beyond fixing, as he prescribes ways to overcome these issues. So now I’m constantly conjuring happy bunny pelvis and navel into spine; I feel better already, taller but more grounded, and I’m regaining flexibility and balance. My husband noticed the difference immediately, and one of my gym buddies said yesterday on the way in to the JCC that I was walking with energy and purpose.

Dan has deep knowledge, a calm and centered approach, and a wonderful sense of humor. Working with him is joyful, and I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

—Ellen Wahl, age 60