The City Athlete

The City Athlete

Dan Marks Kettlebell TrainerSo you’ve gotta run to Fairway to pick up a few things for your dinner party. Oh, and it’s 5pm and you’re a bit rushed. And it’s Friday.

Frantically sidestepping zombie texters, you enter the store, scoop up your basket, maneuver around a little lady with a big cart camped just inside the entrance, scan for the least congested aisle, dodge around the people in that aisle, score the six items you need, remember and add four more, and do a one-sided sprint to the express checkout. You swing your basket up on the counter, empty it, pay, and leave with the milk bag weighing 20 pounds and eggs bag weighing four. No sweat, so far. Bobbing and weaving through the crowd, bags swinging, you dart out against the light, then jab lunge back to the sidewalk, barely avoiding the crush of an oncoming cab. Phew! Grateful, you recover, amble home, prepare, and a splendid time is had by all.

We’re all City Athletes. We’re here because we aspire, and quality of life in the concrete jungle demands the mindful development, and maintenance of, agility, body control, strength, and power. And you can’t get those from a weight machine, treadmill, or spin bike!


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