Dan, The Man of Action

Dan, The Man of Action

Dan Marks
Welcome to the inaugural blog of Dan Delivers Fitness! I’m Dan Marks.

My mission as a personal trainer is, in a nutshell, to bounce clients off the couch and off the sidelines, teach them how to exercise well, and ignite a process that delivers results that thrill and energize them, all in the comfort of their home.

I’ve spent a career shaping and accumulating my fitness knowledge, practice, and philosophy to be able to offer you a uniquely sensical, effective, and dare I say, enjoyable, personal training experience. I train ‘em all, young and old, ultra-fit and not-so-much, all shapes and sizes. I take a special interest in working with the ‘sweat averse’.

Please have a look around. Check out:

My vision is to help you acquire ‘a moving confidence’ that carries you toward an enlarged life. To explore your vision, I invite you to read the following.

Imagine a scenario in which you have to run to Fairway to pick up a few things for a dinner party you are having. Oh, and it’s 5pm and you’re a bit rushed. And it’s Friday:

You walk in, scoop up your basket, maneuver around a slow mover with a big cart camped just inside the entrance, scan for the least congested aisle, dodge around the people in that aisle, score the three items you need, remember and add four more, and do a one-sided sprint to the checkout. You hoist your basket up on the counter, empty it, pay, and leave with the milk bag weighing 20 pounds and eggs bag weighing four. Bobbing and weaving through the crowd, bags swinging, you attempt to cross against the light then leap back onto the curb realizing that that was a very bad idea. You recover, arrive at home, prepare, and the party turns out great.

The agility, body control, strength, and power, to handle and use the momentum of the asymmetrically loaded basket and bags, securely, through a chaotic environment, without throwing your back out or being run over, is an example of the “functional transfer” of results to real life from a well-designed of personal training program.

And you can’t get that from a weight machine or a spin bike!

For further assistance in developing your personal fitness vision, call or email me to book an Individual Fitness Consultation. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your feedback.

Dan Marks

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