What’s your Exer-Sign?

Discover your fitness identity to find the best personal training approach for you!

Maybe you arrived at here Dan Marks Fitness with a fully formed training goal and just needed to locate and vet the right trainer in order to get started. Or maybe…not so much.

Congratulations! You’re here and you’re ready. Ready for what, exactly? Check out the Exer-Sign types below to see which fits you best and then click Training Approaches to find the style that will get you results.

NYC Personal Training Fitness Identity Exer-Shy – If you feel like the lone klutz in a world of super-jocks, or that this strange, sweaty world just isn’t for you, you could be Exer-shy. People in this category have desire but have often had crummy experience in fitness or athletics, or practically no experience at all. The encouragement and guidance of a sensitive and stealthy Fitness Sherpa can help you build the competence and confidence for a lifetime of healthy benefits.

NYC Personal Training Fitness Identity Peak Performer – Experienced, motivated, and ready, you are almost where you want to be. Everyone needs a coach for something, and you want a trusted fitness expert to help you break through to the next level. No need to waste time…Let’s go!

NYC Personal Training Fitness Identity You Gain Soma, You Lose Soma – Let’s face it: We all want to look good. And maybe you have a deadline, like a wedding or reunion or next week, for achieving the physique they want. ‘Losers’ need a mix of fat loss and modest muscle building strategies to sculpt, a slimmer, firmer body. For ‘Gainers’ the emphasis is almost reversed. Their focus will be significant muscle growth with body fat reduction or maintenance.

NYC Personal Training Fitness Identity Weekend Warrior – This type often returns to exercise, a few years and a bucketful of pounds later, and does too much, too soon, as if they just walked off the playing fields of their youth. While their “can-do” attitude is to be respected, approaching a middle-aged frame in this way frequently results in injury. This person needs some tuning of their physical body and tweaking of their fitness concepts before they are ready to push. A detailed postural and movement assessment reveals what specifically needs to be tuned up and nests that within a smart exercise progression on a reasonable timetable.

NYC Personal Training Fitness Identity Quality of Life Preserver – You are an older adult who wants to improve your physical functioning, maintain your independence, and more fully enjoy life. Your custom training regimen will be concerned with developing capacities: balance, muscular strength, flexibility, bone density, endurance, and mental/physical energy matching.

NYC Personal Training Fitness Identity Exercise Ambivalent – Welcome, courageous brothers and sisters! You are among friends. Very few people love exercise, and most people sort of don’t like it. Anyone who invests consistently, properly in fitness, accrues significant benefits. Make an appointment with a certified NYC personal trainer that you feel comfortable with and start. A motivation that works for you will come later.

NYC Personal Training Fitness Identity Pained and Drained – You’d like to begin exercising but a bad hip or shoulder or foot keeps you on the sidelines or you are already working out but are hamstrung by back or leg pain. Don’t throw in the towel! Most of these common pains are postural in origin, meaning that your joints, muscles, and connective tissues hurt because they managing bones that are out of balance. Properly seen and addressed with specific strengthening, flexibility, and hydration techniques, your postural alignment improves and your pain decreases substantially or subsides altogether.

NYC Personal Training Fitness Identity Health Risk Reducer – Similar to the Quality of Life Preserver, possibly referred by your doctor due to a medical condition, you’re on a mission to reduce your health risks. Your fitness program will be engineered to produce measurable improvement in metrics such as resting blood pressure, cholesterol level, bone density, weight reduction, decreased body fat percentage, blood sugar control, and the like.

NYC Personal Training Fitness Identity Fitness Creative – This type views and employs exercise as a vehicle for expression and for generating ‘fuel’ for other aspects of their lives. They use workouts for meditation, stress reduction, creative rumination, mood enhancement, energy generation, balancing the mental and physical, and myriad other goals.